Teaching & Learning

Testing Season 2019! We have completed ACT and ACT Workkeys for all juniors. From March 18-April 24, students in grades 3-8 and 10 will engage in Wisconsin Forward testing. April 9, 11 and 12 and April 23, 26 and 29, grades 9 and 10 will be completing Aspire testing. We thank you for encouraging students to work hard, concentrate and show their skills. We will strive to continue our success and show our #HornetPride. Accountability Report Card 2018
Student learning is measured by assessment. 
Markesan District Schools assess for both local and state-mandated assessments.
Test types, purposes, and dates can be found on this   2018-19 Testing Calendar Document


Markesan District Goal 2018-2019

All students will grow reading stamina and comprehension skills by applying critical literacy skills and  strategies to read and analyze texts, including text with graphics and interactive elements. Educating Every Student Every Day Markesan District Schools work to educate every student every day. Our lessons, curriculum, and assessments are designed to help each student grow and achieve. Teachers dedicate time and talent to planning for student needs. Inservice time is devoted to studying student needs, through both data and observation, and taking actions through plans and programs, to work for the success of every student.


The Markesan District Curriculum is aligned to the Wisconsin State Standards.

Click here to access the list of standards for the Markesan District Schools. 

We continue to work to develop lessons and units that help students meet standards, grow future-ready skills and prepare to "transition successfully" to their next step in the learning journey.